feeert.com finally online!

Hey everyone!

My website feeert.com finally online! Whoop whoop!
I will change the design and layout of the page in the next few days/weeks whenever I have some time for it.

About this page:
In the future I will release some posts about development, games and what ever comes to my mind.

Development will mainly be about C#/.Net, OpenGL and maybe game development in engines such as Unity3D and Unreal. At the moment I am getting into OpenGL programming but my main focus in programming is C#/.Net because I use it at work and got some experience with Unity3D which uses C#.

In concern of gaming I will probably write about my experiences with games. Which games I recently play, how I like them and if they are worth it. But I will also talk about eSports because I play a lot of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and may like to write about events such as the ESL-One or other events. But nevertheless most of this will probably happen on my twitch-account.

So this page is online but what is next?
Next item on my list is to start streaming on twitch.tv. But this will probably not happen before September because I’m in the middle of my exams for this semester.


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